So, you think you want to enter an art show eh?

It does sound pretty exciting and like a good opportunity to get your work some exposure, but there are many things to think about.

Where is it? Indoors or outdoors. What is provided for the space? Is it just a space with no walls? Canopies for weather concerns? Tables? Many shows will just in essence “rent” you the “space” for a fee and you will be responsible for the rest of your booth set up and display. Read the fine print regarding your responsibilities for set up AND take down. Also pay attention to the hours you MUST be there for. I mean what do you do if it’s an outdoor show and you have 40 paintings with you? Bring them, leave them overnight…hmmm. And again, more for paintings, less for pottery etc., how do you protect said work from the sun/rain/weather in general for two days. Unless a glazed, framed print, or an outdoor installation, most art work is not really made to be outside

What kind of clientele are you likely to get? Is it an art show? Craft show? market? All of this will determine your customer base and those looking for scented candles and beautifully crocheted toilet paper holders may not be the best candidate for your experimental art or vice versa. No one wants to spend the day sitting there while people scrunch their noses over your work.

Finally, if it is a juried show, what are the entry requirements. Read the entry form carefully. Many of these shows have an entry deadline far in advance of the show date-some almost a year ahead. You will minimally have to provide examples of your work. Most often, this can be pics on a cd, but pay attention as there will be a limit as to how many pieces you can show them. So, do you choose your bestest most favouritest works (and yes, I know those aren’t words lol), or do you choose ones that show a wide range of ability???

And so that is where I am now. What pieces do I choose to put on this cd….hmmmm….




5 comments on “So, you think you want to enter an art show eh?

  1. […] So, you think you want to enter an art show eh? ( […]

    • arweninspirationsarw says:

      Thanks for the link…I like what you wrote about what to bring to the art show once you get there-that was really helpful!

  2. Love your art work, techniques and wonderful articles. If I may, I would tell you which one is definitively will make me to stop at your show: Wonder, The Shore, Spring, Planetary Divine. I’ll be a happy follower of you blog. Thank you and Good Luck!

    • Hi Yelena! Thanks so much for the beautiful compliments and suggestions. It was indeed a hard process choosing…now just the hard part-the sit and wait lol. Wonder and The Shore definitely were on there! I have to return the compliments as I love your work..I just can’t pick certain ones because in some way they all draw me in either through subject or technique or colour or style. I haven’t tried acrylics with the palette knife and texturing, but I love the way yours are turning out! Kudos, Annie

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