This art show entry process…

I think one can truly drive themselves over the bend with will art show entry process.

To begin with, the whole trying to narrow down your work to five photos is brutal. Do you try and show a wide range or techniques and colours, or should you show work that embodies just one element of your style. I mean, no one would ever misidentify me with a realist painter, but that said, I have been known to do brush work, and my palette knife paintings are far ranges in so far as subject matter and style.

I tried taking an overall poll to help me narrow it down, and while interesting to see what a wide range of tastes those I know have, made things even more confusing, since they were picking solely with their hearts and eyes based on what touched them in some way…but really, isn’t that the whole point? I suppose it should be unless things are so politicized or marketed to death. Is is a good thing when what you see is nothing like what you are doing? Or does that indicate that the panel is going to be looking for more of the same sort of flavour to make their show cohesive….arrggggh…see what I mean about second guessing yourself?

And on another note, while checking out the entry requirements for other shows, some are so totally detailed and cost prohibitive for a new artist or one who hasn’t yet turned what they do into a business or marketing machine that it inhibits them from applying. I know I certainly don’t have professional booth lighting, walls, fixtures, advertisement banners etc just laying in my basement awaiting my first show. So, are these professional art shows loosing out on potential talent due to the rigours of their entry process? And what are new artist to do to get their works exposed?

More and more things to ponder.

On a fabulous note, I finished the 4th painting in the lilies series-this one at dawn…and am pleased with the results. And found a new song that inspired me to do a large palette knife canvas…so I guess things are moving forward…now just to get that damn art show entry form in :o)



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