“No time”, said the Rabbit

And there just doesn’t seem to be enough of it. When your head is whirling with ideas, and every time you sit down you see colours and textures and movement…and…dammit…there is that, that THING…ahh, yes. Real. Life. Ugh.

Maybe it was because spent a rundown weekend feeling crappy, but could not really paint. Have a lovely canvas started-a muppet tree (not sure what it is, some kind of grafted cedar thing with pom-pom like tufts right out of Dr Seuss) with some lush lily foliage and these tiny purple lowers and tulips…and my goodness-it looks like what it’s supposed to…and could I finish it? Nope.


Well, one because was feeling too run down to really get into the painting mode. Another because I really don’t have a loooong attention span to go back and back and back to the same piece when it feels like I am just pushing to get “it” completed.

And those illusive, sweet torturous creative images, glimpsesĀ of possibilities, wisps of dreams keep floating around calling for bolder colours, bigger movement, symphonies of play.

The lilies, the trees, the landscapes methinks are calling out for a new turn in direction.

Perhaps, we will save that for tomorrow…sigh…and perchance to dream.


One comment on ““No time”, said the Rabbit

  1. I totally can relate…

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