To Etsy or not to Etsy…

…that is the question. the answer? I have no clue. As my pieces build up, I know that I will be selling some of them (40 or so canvases in my “studio” just cannot fit lol). So, the question is, how to go about this. I’ve been exploring the art show route, and hopefully will hear something regarding acceptance into one later this week, however that is but one show. A few people have suggested “loaning” works to cafes or restaurants until they sell. Another possibility, but I will have to work myself up to get the nerve to approach some business person to see if they want to exhibit my works. I guess for many artists, each work is like a baby in the sense that you work on it, grow attached to it, love it and it’s hard to let it go to just anyone. Hence, the Etsy question. A number of people have suggested that route to me as it is a well known web site and there are so many people using it both to sell and to find art. But, is that what I want? On the one hand, it seems so impersonal. Ok, I know that seems a bit weird given that you’re selling a product to a consumer. But, part of me wants to see a person’s face when they see one of my works that they really LOVE and MUST have, rather than feeling like a Sears catalogue where someone picks out some kind of print-kind of like the big print fairs they used to have a University once a year. I guess it’s seeing the connection that someone makes to a piece of what I have created that somehow makes it more comforting to let it go because you know it’s going to a good home with someone who truly appreciates it. And when you can have that conversation with someone, to hear what they see in your art, how they interpret it, what bits they love and are attracted to, their interest in how you created it…to me, that’s what makes the difference. Good business sense? Nope. Good “heart and spirit” sense? Yup…and the debate continues I suppose as my space becomes more limited and the canvases keep building up.


3 comments on “To Etsy or not to Etsy…

  1. Love the article and very curios what would you decide to do. My personal concern about selling my painting ‘far away’ is also how to ship it safely. And what if after meeting my ‘baby’ in person someone will not like it, etc., etc…

    • I am still undecided…sigh. Some people I know who are big web surfers/shoppers LOVE the site and the concept. A few others who sell their art, had no clue about it. The shipping might be a bear to deal with (packaging, rates etc). And while looking on there, there are a lot of artists who seems to be well marketed businesses (which I am not-a business I mean lol) which could explain ease of shipping…that and I am not sure how they are determining some of their prices. I mean, I realize that it is totally up to the artist (and to a certain degree the public), but I don’t know how I could see a 36 by 40 oil-impasto textured for $100CD. Unless I really hated it or just didn’t care about it. The cost of materials alone etcetc….hence, the indecision :o).

      • I always been wondering about price determination myself. You can find it very inexpensive on Etsy’s, or affordably priced ‘buy 2 get one free’, etc. However, when I visited recent Dogwood Art Festival in Atlanta, the pricing of the larger paintings were incredible – $2,000.00 – $4,000.00 USD. The least expensive painting was for $300.00 USD. I don’t see anybody buying them, though. I am new to the Art, only sold a few paintings locally. However, as number of completed canvas grows, I am having the same thoughts – what to do with all of them. Should it be the business decision just to SELL and settle for any price base on that I am not professional, have no art education, no gallery’s expositions, etc? However when somebody wanted to by my 24″ x 48″ painting, but stated that $125.00 it’s too much, I didn’t feel bad not selling. I put my heart into that painting and wanted it to go with someone who will really appreciate it. I found great information on one of the WP Art post about the book “Magic of Selling Art” (may be it was your blog also?) As my friend is saying “Everything worth what somebody’s willing to pay…”. Someone wants to pay almost 87 mil. dollars for Mark’s Rothko painting, for someone it will not be worth even 87 dollars. Just recently I’ve read the post when blogger has the same fear – how to sell her art work, and she decided to go bold with her pricing. And I respect that and would say “Way to go! Value yourself and your art!”

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