How much is that painting in the window?

Interesting question that, and one that I’ve been chatting about with a few other artists over the past little while. Once again, it deals with how do you put a price value on your precious creations. I realize that some people approach art from a more business mass marketed approach, eventually getting into volume prints etc etc. But for myself, my art has so much more of a personal feel to it-as I said before, they are somehow my little ‘babies” who I “birthed” at some point. I can remember the mood I was in, the songs that were playing, the techniques I used, the process as it developed, the visions of the piece as it unfolded, and my happiness or not so much with its completion. Sentimental, emotional connections do not belong in a serious business per say, but then I suppose I am more interested in the art than the business most of the time.

I was talking with other artists who have encountered the same dilemma. Do you price you art at prices you think will sell,  just for the sake of selling some–and given some pricing, I have no clue as to how someone can offer a 24 by 36 oil painting on canvas for $125 or less.I think that if it came down to that point, I’d rather give to good friend because I know that they truly love it. Other artist have formulas they use to calculate price, for example, find the total square inches of a painting and multiply that by your price say.55cents/square inch.Their time factor is sort of evened out over the multitudes of paintings (one took 2 hr, another 20 for example)…

So, as you can see, I’m still not sure. I don’t want to price myself out of the market, but neither do I want to feel like the walmart of the art world just to sell something. And why am I debating this so much in my head recently?

I just received word that I was JURIED IN for the Elora art in the Yard series this summer!!! Always nice to have fellow artisans look at what you’ve worked on and give you the two thumbs up…so, MAJOR excitement…but there’s the pricing dilemma (nothing of mine is really under 24 by 24) and I really need to look up more specifics on booth set up. It’s outside so some kind of canopy is needed…other that than display on easels or set up wire mesh walls ..and so it continues…all you are show buffs/veterans out there, suggestions greatly appreciated!


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