So, having a burst of inspiration, I sat down to let the creativity flow. I had my base colours ready and set up to do one of my more details “lily” kind of works. The base on, in the music groove, the idea coming together, I started applying the dashes of thick paint and…scratch, , scratch…hmmm…these lines etched into my paint blobs were not what I had in mind…try again…nope, more scritchy-scratchy things. Take a look at the palette knife…hmmm..perhaps I didn’t clean it off as well as I had thought…scrape, scrape…ok try again. You have got to be kidding me. Now the creative flow is turning into frustration. In an attempt to keep going, I switched it up for another knife, narrower. Wrong idea. The flow and momentum was just all wrong. Damn. Picked up the original knife and tried again with thicker paint. Ahhh…ok, now keep going. Nope. Scritch. Took a closer look at the knife (being a bit challenging since I don’t wear my glasses when painting for fear of goobering up my lenses…and sure enough, on the end of the knife was a teeny, tiny little minuscule, gigantic pain in my butt nick. Sigh…so, it would appear that a) I need to be much more careful not to drop said knives onto concrete floor, and b) I will be heading out to Curry’s before I thought I would.


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