What to do; what to do?

Things are moving swimmingly along and again I am stuck. Sigh.

I went to the fabulous Koolen Art Gallery in Stratford over the weekend to talk to Colleen about framing a few pieces. Colleen and Robert are just fantastic. If anyone is in the market for some Canadian classic art pieces or you need some restoration done, you really do need to go for a visit as Colleen works magic, and they are just both in general wonderful people. While there, a group of ladies rang the bell and came in and toodled around. On the way out, they noticed the pieces I had brought in and just loved them. It was a phenomenal feeling having people who do not know you, who have nothing to gain to express delight over your creations, telling you what they love about them!

Along that note, everyone decided that they should not be framed. We really did not see anything suitable for them with the exception of a possible large blockish style floating frame. Even then, as soon as it went up, rather than “finishing” the look, it almost seemed to suffocate them-for lack of a better more artsy correct term. So, no framing, just painting the edges for now. Perhaps some day I will find something more suited to them.

But, back to the stuck. I really don’t want to paint any more lily scenes right now, even if that’s what people seems to be drawn to. Am not in the mood for ginormous swirling, splashes of colour…hmmm…and hmmm…again. Damn. Hate feeling like this. I did go out and buy a new palette knife (plus a replacement for my nicked one). And I did go and buy 3  12by36″ frames, so perhaps can try to do a three panel of some sort with the big old square edged palette for fun….ahhh ptooey. Methinks it’s the silly blah weather today. Just hate being stuck. Maybe I should just go outside and throw some acrylics at the canvases for fun and let the raindrops take the paint where it will :o)


3 comments on “What to do; what to do?

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  2. In my opinion, it was a wise decision not to frame. On the last art show what I attended it was 50/50 framed vs. unframed. Most of the frames was that ‘floating around’ style that you are talking about (I think it’s the most suitable frame for an ABSTRACTS). But if the plans are not just participate, but also sell your art, than you need to consider that framing adds cost to your selling price. You can suggest to your buyers that can frame it, if their would like to do so. Another important thing: do you have your business cards? Everybody is asking for those at the shows.

  3. I agree! If there were any frames I totally loved, then I might have framed a couple I was keeping just to show what they might looki like, but nothing jumped out at me and most had the opposite effect. The thing with frames is that they are so personal. EVeryone has different tastes and a lot of times people tend to consider their decorating more than the art work for framing. Am finishing all the edges so they can be hung as is and will suggest framing if they ask. As for business cards—ugh—that’s on my list lol, but thanks for letting me know that everyone wants them!

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