The “A’ha!” Moment

It’s been a couple of weeks since I have been able to actually sit and paint due to just plain old life getting in the way. Funnily enough that gave me some time to do some exploring, looking at other peoples’ techniques, some amazing photography etc etc.  Once again, sat down to paint with one idea in mind and sure enough, something totally different from the original concept popped out. Sort of a combo of techniques old and new, it was fun to sit and play again.



Tick Tock and the edging question…

…says the clock. Two weeks and counting down until the art show and so much to do. Instead of sugarplum fairies or beach scenes dancing in my head, I have lists, lists and more lists. Unfortunately, everyday life has a way of throwing the proverbial monkey wrench into the works and progress is at a snail’s pace right now. Between wrapping up the school year and getting ready for the art show, any real painting of new things seems an almost guilty pleasure…ugh…oh well…one more week and then I can really buckle down and focus on the show.

An interesting dilemma though-I have been painting the sides of my canvases, the really deep gallery kind that can stand alone without framing. I have heard of artists doing everything from taping the edges with various kinds of tape (colours or not) to painting them. On the advice of my fave gallery curator/restorer/preservationists, am painting the sides a contrasting colour so that the eye stops at the edges as opposed to having them look like the work slides off the edges. The problem is the colour choice. For some, it’s easy; I’ve been choosing the darkest colour in the painting and that has been working out really well. the trouble is when I have a number of choices-do you choose the safest darkest colour (like a dark blue) or something a little more fun and wicked (the dark red)? For some, the colour palette is more neutral (blue or brown so using a brown isn’t a big deal-to me at least). But when the  background colour is bright greens with splashes of deep, bright pink, do you go with a darker version of a green or the deep, bright pink? Either choice would work, it’s just that one is more perhaps universal and “safer” while the other is a little more edgy…I’ve purposely done then in acrylic so that they can be changed by their new owner if they like and for durability etc….comments? Ideas?

New Gallery of Art Section

While it’s still a work in progress, it does allow you to bypass all my ramblings and jump directly to pictures of what I have been up to. Many of the paintings will be available at the show in Elora. If there is something that you are truly interested in, then please let me know in advance if you would like to reserve it or purchase it in advance. There is a slide who, however if you click on some of the smaller pics below the slide show, it will open into a full page slide show so you can take a better look at things. Still a work in progress, as all of the art has not been posted here yet.


Elora Art in the Yard 2012

The updated media for the event is now out, complete with schedule and exhibitor list. And guess who is on there? So, it’s official! Woo-hoo…

Stupid photos!

Why oh why is it so difficult to take photos of art? I know I complained about it before regarding getting the colours/lighting/glare factor right. I finally put together some half decent shots for a photo album for the art show, got them printed and looked at some of them…what the hell? They were all cropped wrong. I guess a 4by6 format does not work with a 24by24 canvas. The stupid pics were all cropped off weird so I was missing tops, bottoms, they seemed compressed etc etc…argggghhhh…anyone know how to get around this. On the computer they cropped out wonderfully well, but printed I am losing the overall quality of the artwork…ugh ugh and double ugh….

And the preparation begins…

So, in getting ready for the art show, trying to breathe and live my normal life, things are coming along. Woo-hoo! Found a tent! Since it is an outdoor show, I need to provide my own tent  in case of rain/sun etc. I’ve been searching and pricing them out and there is a big gap between models. Renting was going to be an insane $275, although it would have saved me the headache of setup. Finally, found a model at Costco! They are carrying the Caravan brand Bigfoot, complete with all the walls, pegs etc for $199! So, one problem done. Now just have to edge out all the paintings, decide which ones will go…oh and walls for display…ummm….hmmm…ok, so not so far along as I thought! lol

Jellyfish and lilies…

So, the jellyfish just appeared out of nowhere in a sea of blues and greens…as for the lilies, it was more of a hmmm, I think it will be a spring morning this time.