After the art show…

It was a lovely weekend in Elora.

The weather co-operated; ok somewhat, since it did not rain, but the humidity and heat Saturday was pretty brutal. Note to self-set up your racks in a trial run before the show to debug your assembly ahead of time-will save tons of time and frustration, especially in all that heat. The portable, battery operated fan was a great idea, but remembering sunscreen on Day 1 would have been smarter…and yes, the suns rays do get you even when behind the clouds lol.

The show was steadily busy, with traffic being consistent throughout, except for after 6pm on the Saturday evening. The patrons and the organizers were great! Friends popped by to visit, and a number of people stopped to chat and inquire about my paintings. My favourite visitors (no offence to my friends) were the number of older gentleman who stopped to examine my technique who were either closet wannabe painters, or who had done some works in the past. They were really fun to talk with, listening to their critiques and stories. The most interesting discussions I had were with patrons who wanted to know what I was “thinking” when I painted things; what was my “concept”; what was I feeling etc. When I replied I was “having fun”, I was told that was not a good enough answer, that there had to be more to it than that. You know, artists MUST have a plan, grand design or concept before they start. I honestly was a bit flummoxed for a while and had to really think to explain myself better. How does one put into words that the paints, the colours, the moment, the textures “speak to me”-that somehow I start off and it takes on a life of its own (with or without an inital idea or concept).  It was such a foreign idea to some people that they truly could not understand it and got quite frustrated with me :o). When I said that I listen to music when I paint and that it somehow influences the “feel” or “movement” of what I do, then I needed to dissect, “well, what kind of music” “which songs”. To reply that I listen to everything and anything depending on my mood was another challenging concept to explain. I had passersby call my work “bold” and “confident”, which I can agree with, because when I am in the “zone” my paintings take on a life of their own lol.

I do believe though that it was the children who made my weekend. There were so many young kids who were budding artists. It was a blast to see their interest in what I do, how I do it and feel their joy in everything creative. It was fun to explain how palette knives work the paint and how you can create all those textures and colours and movement with blobs of colour. It reminded me all weekend why I do what I do. I paint for the joy and fulfillment it gives me-that sense of losing oneself in the process, and for the looks on people’s faces when they see the final product.







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