What happens when you beome too formulaic?

In the case of this painter, it happens. I know people like the lilies, so I started painting lily scenes, focusing on just the lilies and water background, in various sizes and colours. It was fun for a while, getting back to oil and playing with effects and colours. After about the fifth one, my lilies didn’t turn out the way I wanted them to. So, I had an “Annie” moment, where I looked, paused and then took the big palette knife to a section, creating a giant flood/waterfall/water creature/wave which obliterated a few of them :o) . Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s just part of my “process” as Sandi says. I really, really had to restrain myself from taking the knife and smooshing the whole thing, because once you start blending and moving the paint (or really once I start I should say) the compulsion comes on to see exactly what would happen if I did this, moved this there, squished that there lol…I’ll post some pics later to show the full effect. But lesson learned. Take a break when doing a series of anything and SMOOSH, blend and play dammit.


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