To print or not to print?

Recently, it was suggested to me that I might want to make some prints of my work, since it some markets, the economy is not supporting sales of original art at prices which reflect the actual costs or making it…so…am thinking about it. I do know that had I had some prints on hand of some of my pieces, they would have sold no problem. Also, size was an important factor. Some people loved certain pieces but the original was just too large. This leaves me with something else to consider; do I make prints at half-size? For example, my 24 by 24 lilies, should I make prints at 12 by 12 instead so that matted and framed they would still be smaller?

Has anyone gone through this process? Any ideas or suggestions? And while we are at it, if you skip through my gallery, which ones do you think would make marketable prints?



2 comments on “To print or not to print?

  1. I can only suggest you to get in touch with one of the fellow artist whom I virtually ‘met’ here, on WP. She did prints recently, as well as opened her Etsy store.

    • Thanks lady who does fantabulous works of her own! I might contact about printing, although I have a great printing contact in Toronto who does museum/gallery quality work. The ETSY thing I have decided is not for me. After doing a lot of research, the number of sellers totally outranks the number of buyers, especially for more expensive pieces (lower priced handicrafts or postcards might do much better). Given the numbers, it appears to be really a matter of how much time you can spend on there re-listing and connecting with others to keep your own pieces in the foreground of searches, and it’s time I just don’t have lol

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