Brush, knife, brush, knife…trowel?

So many ideas floating around in my head right now and the weather, being absolutely gorgeous is not helping, but the pull to the canvas calls again yet I can’t decide what/which to do first.

My Fire Dancer turned out well (another “Annie process” piece) and the reaction was so positive that I might try it again. It was, however, one of those inspiration born out of frustration moments. You know, when you are working on a piece and no matter what you do it does not want to come together? It was soooo frustrating that after playing with various knives, I actually tool a notched plastic trowel to it and started creating various patterns and designs, until I was satisfied with it (and no longer wanted to throw it out a window lol).

The other piece was my dream forest-my sort of salute to Canadiana. I rarely work with a brush anymore, but when I do, it usually ends up in this style. I have a fantabulous idea based on a similar style, using the pine, the water, the northern lights and an Inukshuk.

And then I finally have some very cool extra long narrow canvases which I’d like to maybe to do another flower field with the knife, or maybe long bold brush work, or, or, or….ugh


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