From the depths of imagination…

I really do not know how some things morph into what they become. What started as an abstract, turned into something completely different. I had started layering with bold knife strokes as is my tendency. As per usual, when the texture and colour wasn’t quite what I had wanted I took out the big knife and started blending. When I stood back, I realized hmm, those could be eyes, so I flipped the painting and started adding more depth and detail…and the finished project is “Interesting”…where she came from, who knows, but I am calling her “Silenced”.



Tricky, tricky…new challenges and discoveries

For the past month, I have not really been painting much. Kids back to school, organizational nightmares and all that have taken hold of the house, so painting time gets fit in when exhaustion doesn’t win out.

And when you leave your work for days, it changes the approach you take to your work. Normally, I paint wet on wet. I get a canvas, sit down, mix my paints, turn on the music and voila…the inspiration spews from within and things take shape on the canvas. The exception is my Northern Series where the bold lines need the paint to set before adding colours of definition. Even so, I rarely leave it more than a day before adding the next layer. There is still a certain bit of natural blending that comes along with it even if the paint is semi-set. Due to the recent time constraints (ok, big baby that I am was too tired and not motivated to get back at it right away), I ended up leaving the new massive piece for days at a time….wrong move…at least for me. I became so accustomed to a certain feel and flow of the brush that it really, really, threw me off when I tried to put the next layer and lost that silky flow of paint. Ugh. And Damn. I did not like that scratchy feel when I tried to edge in the defining strokes. I did not like the way it looked. It felt too forced for lack of a better term. Ugh Ugh Ugh. I went back over this painting I don’t know how many times and there is still something about it that pisses me off. Now, when others have looked at, some have said it’s perfect, they can’t see that’s wrong with it…but as any artist knows, when something gets under your skin, well, it stays there lol.

On another note, I had one of my first commissions where I tried to paint what the client liked. A couple who is getting married came by to tour my works to commission a painting as a wedding gift. Very cool. So, they got to walk through ALL my works, the realistic, the abstract, the lilies etc. As they went through, we discussed what bits they liked and what features they didn’t, colours, movement and so on. We determined that it would be a “lily” series, but this time it wouldn’t be the paint or music or internal inspiration moving the knives. This time I had to take into consideration, her love of white lilies, his love of red, her love of blue water, his of green, and the bold sky I had done in an entirely different series…challenging? You bet! But it was a great exercise for me, to see if I could encapsulate everything they wanted, while staying true to myself all the while exuding the creativity that must be part of the process. At first I though it was perhaps just a bit too busy, but upon greater reflection I realized I actually like it!

So, one I like, and one…well…hmmm….still not sure what I want to do with that one :o) How often are you totally satisfied with ALL of your works?