Inspiration everywhere…

Last week a friend I went to highschool with posted some absolutely stunning photos of the Northern Lights taken from her back deck in Whitehorse. The colours, the movement and the power of the pictures were impressive. Of course, I was inspired to paint them. of course, I was intimidated. I mean, how on earth do you capture one of Mother Nature’s most stunning phenomenons? Palette knives in hand, I did my version of one shot of the lights above the trees, contrasting the blended movement of the lights against the harsh outline of the pines. The other, is a total fabrication of my mind, using the photos as inspiration, of the lights as they dance above a shoreline.

And then, there is the Garden Abstract. That one popped into my head after a conversation with friends about master painters and a photo of a garden. Again, done with palette knives, this one was fun, but I think on the next one, I’d like to intensify the colours a bit to bring it more into keeping with my own preferences…the problem with photo lighting is a whole other matter since it kind of washed out and pastel-ized the overall effect…sigh…eventually I will get the hang of lighting my art for photos.


Northern Lights
Oil on Canvas

Northern Lights Shoreline
Oil on Canvas

Garden Abstract -Detail
Oil on canvas
16 by 20


Garden Abstract
Oil on Canvas
16 by 20


Garden Abstract-Flowers
Oil on Canvas
16 by 20







4 comments on “Inspiration everywhere…

  1. WOW! I think you did a damn fine job in capturing the beauty of mother nature!

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