More from the world of fairies…

Just when I thought I was done with that series, another one pops into my head and onto the canvas. This one was a tad more ambitious, being larger and more detailed. And of course, just as I am working in the details with my knife, I realize that I must have somehow bent the end of it…sigh…I really need to start stocking up on spares since for some reason I always seem to ding/bend/gum up my tried and true favourites. At least, this one got finished and it wasn’t too much of a trial. Now, I am debating whether to try a large landscape using just the knife and those smaller type details, or should I do another concept piece…this time am thinking another version of “woman”…decisions, decisions…and of course the inspiration hits when I am supposed to be doing seven kabillion other things…nothing like adding some guilt to the mix :o)




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