And the last one done before Christmas…

Well, I was able to get one more completed before Christmas-two if you count a reworking of another one which had been waiting for its final touches.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays to everyone!




Come watch me paint live at “The Brush Off 2013” at the MUSEUM in KW

Wow! Just found out that I will be competing in The Brush Off 2013 at The MUSEUM in KW in January! It sounds like so much fun and I am so excited and can’t wait.

23 artists will get together. Each artist will receive the same materials (paints and canvases). Using our own tools, styles and techniques, we will have 30 minutes to paint a work of art. At the end of each round, guests will use their ballots to vote for their favourites. The winner from each round will move onto the next level to compete again. Immediately after each round, the creations will be put up for auction with proceeds going to help the MUSEUM.

Better brush up on my acrylic work beforehand to get a feel for them again since I’ve been pretty much using oils :o)

Get your tickets soon as the event sells out quickly! Each tickets gets you ballots to vote for your faves for each round, and there will be a cash bar, music and a brilliant, electrifying atmosphere all night!

Hope to see you there!

The Trees are calling…

I do not know why, but the spirit and essence of the trees seem to calling. Perhaps it’s because with winter in the air the outside world seems to be getting sleepy. For whatever reason, I’ve been hearing the siren song to immerse myself in the forest. There is something very special about trees…not the re-newed forest plantings where they all stand at attention in straight lines (although the benefits are uncounted). No, I am referring to those big ginormous old trees that you would be hard pressed to wrap your arms even part way around. Where the needles lay a blanket of scents for you to find your way around in the undergrowth as the tops are so much reaching to touch the sky. The grand old maples that used to line my old lanweay, or those glorious pines that edge the rocky shorelines in northern Ontario. So, I have been playing with trees right now; I suppose I should say I am trying to capture “essences” and emotions, since realism is not my forte. That feeling when one gets while sitting in a forest of old growth pines, where you can see the sky….the warm feeling of the old maple where I am sure generations of little ones have attempted to climb to the highest branches…their connection between air and earth and the human soul…anyhow, I have two in progress…still trying to get it just right, or right enough…and for some reason an iceberg lept onto my page, maybe to remind me of global warming and how if we do not do something, we may indeed see them that far south…be patient, they are all in my soul now, so all will be completed…I hope :o)

Oil On Canvas

Oil On Canvas

The Eyes and Soul of the Forest

Oil on Canvas24 by 36
In Progress

Oil on Canvas
24 by 36
In Progress

Art Auction to Benefit students…

While everyone is frantically dashing around shopping, clanging of Christmas tunes piped through their brains, and the grinches of commercialism and marketing are rubbing their hands with glee, tis the time of year to remember that not everyone can indulge in this frenzy. For some, it is a struggle to meet the basic needs that many of us in Canada take for granted. Shocking isn’t it? While we run around wondering which IPad, which Furby, which this that and the next thing, there are many in our own local communities who are wondering which bill to pay (should we have heat or water this month), which child to clothe, which meal to forgo.

So, in keeping with the original intent and spirit of this glorious season, the “elves” at my school have put together a series of events to help out those families in need right in our very own community. To aid with that, I’ve decided to auction off to of my paintings. ALL of the proceeds will go to help students and their families.

The auction begins today, December 10th and will run until December 20th at 12 pm.  Bids will be updated twice a day. good luck! Be generous and bless your hearts for helping someone else this season.


Christmas Auction

A study of power…

Recently, I had been asked to try to tell some stories related to my work. (Yes, again lol).  For anyone reading my process as I’ve been going along, this has not been an easy task. This introspective exercise has been more exercise in frustration in many ways, since the sub conscious mind often takes over the artist process and a perceived spontaneity comes into play. But, when I look at my work as whole, is it really that spontaneous? Yes, I do like to play with colour, textures and movement. Yes, I do like to experiment with techniques, knives and brushes. I immerse myself in the process and let the process take over, letting it take me where it will. That said, if I really look closely there is a connection between most of what I do.

I’ve come to the conclusion that my paintings are all infused with or inspired by “power”.  The inspiration may come from all sources, a giggle, a whispered phrase, a few notes in a melody, a doodle that take on a life of its own, a particular mood I happened to be in, or my life experiences as I walk on a path in my life journey and document all around me through the lens of brushstrokes.  Regardless of where they come from, powerful moments make up the bulk of my work, interweaving a connection whether it’s the power of a certain emotion or subject.

The natural world, the planet, the universe in all its glory has always been held in fascination by me. In that sense, the Northern Lights against the pines, the possibility of a mystical “fairy” forest, an ethereal other world where that intrinsic perfection and magical beauty can still exist unsullied without the contamination of the non-believer or human footprint are not that disconnected in that they are imbued with a powerful subtext.  The silence of the snowy forest when you can actually sit and hear nothing but the sound of the wind whispering around the snow laden trees has power. The smell, feel and sight of the storm clouds gathering on the shore across the lake, imbuing a stillness before the energy of nature is unleashed has power as does the beauty of the water at sunset with the lilies bobbing as the lady of the lake sings them to sleep.  The concept of “mother”, the back upon which the safety and security of all manners of creatures/beings/energies has power. The concept of “nurture”, neither male nor female, that feeling of being nestled in a warm cocoon of calm, positive energy is powerful. The feminine construct, her beauty, strength, sexuality, limitations, entrapment, struggles and successes is powerful.

So, maybe, just maybe I have figured it out…or maybe not lol. Who knows…as this process continues I am sure other things will come to mind and the story will change somewhat.

In the meantime, some visual musings on the complexities of being feminine :o)

Like a Moth to the Flame