A study of power…

Recently, I had been asked to try to tell some stories related to my work. (Yes, again lol).  For anyone reading my process as I’ve been going along, this has not been an easy task. This introspective exercise has been more exercise in frustration in many ways, since the sub conscious mind often takes over the artist process and a perceived spontaneity comes into play. But, when I look at my work as whole, is it really that spontaneous? Yes, I do like to play with colour, textures and movement. Yes, I do like to experiment with techniques, knives and brushes. I immerse myself in the process and let the process take over, letting it take me where it will. That said, if I really look closely there is a connection between most of what I do.

I’ve come to the conclusion that my paintings are all infused with or inspired by “power”.  The inspiration may come from all sources, a giggle, a whispered phrase, a few notes in a melody, a doodle that take on a life of its own, a particular mood I happened to be in, or my life experiences as I walk on a path in my life journey and document all around me through the lens of brushstrokes.  Regardless of where they come from, powerful moments make up the bulk of my work, interweaving a connection whether it’s the power of a certain emotion or subject.

The natural world, the planet, the universe in all its glory has always been held in fascination by me. In that sense, the Northern Lights against the pines, the possibility of a mystical “fairy” forest, an ethereal other world where that intrinsic perfection and magical beauty can still exist unsullied without the contamination of the non-believer or human footprint are not that disconnected in that they are imbued with a powerful subtext.  The silence of the snowy forest when you can actually sit and hear nothing but the sound of the wind whispering around the snow laden trees has power. The smell, feel and sight of the storm clouds gathering on the shore across the lake, imbuing a stillness before the energy of nature is unleashed has power as does the beauty of the water at sunset with the lilies bobbing as the lady of the lake sings them to sleep.  The concept of “mother”, the back upon which the safety and security of all manners of creatures/beings/energies has power. The concept of “nurture”, neither male nor female, that feeling of being nestled in a warm cocoon of calm, positive energy is powerful. The feminine construct, her beauty, strength, sexuality, limitations, entrapment, struggles and successes is powerful.

So, maybe, just maybe I have figured it out…or maybe not lol. Who knows…as this process continues I am sure other things will come to mind and the story will change somewhat.

In the meantime, some visual musings on the complexities of being feminine :o)

Like a Moth to the Flame












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