Art Auction to Benefit students…

While everyone is frantically dashing around shopping, clanging of Christmas tunes piped through their brains, and the grinches of commercialism and marketing are rubbing their hands with glee, tis the time of year to remember that not everyone can indulge in this frenzy. For some, it is a struggle to meet the basic needs that many of us in Canada take for granted. Shocking isn’t it? While we run around wondering which IPad, which Furby, which this that and the next thing, there are many in our own local communities who are wondering which bill to pay (should we have heat or water this month), which child to clothe, which meal to forgo.

So, in keeping with the original intent and spirit of this glorious season, the “elves” at my school have put together a series of events to help out those families in need right in our very own community. To aid with that, I’ve decided to auction off to of my paintings. ALL of the proceeds will go to help students and their families.

The auction begins today, December 10th and will run until December 20th at 12 pm.  Bids will be updated twice a day. good luck! Be generous and bless your hearts for helping someone else this season.


Christmas Auction


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