The Trees are calling…

I do not know why, but the spirit and essence of the trees seem to calling. Perhaps it’s because with winter in the air the outside world seems to be getting sleepy. For whatever reason, I’ve been hearing the siren song to immerse myself in the forest. There is something very special about trees…not the re-newed forest plantings where they all stand at attention in straight lines (although the benefits are uncounted). No, I am referring to those big ginormous old trees that you would be hard pressed to wrap your arms even part way around. Where the needles lay a blanket of scents for you to find your way around in the undergrowth as the tops are so much reaching to touch the sky. The grand old maples that used to line my old lanweay, or those glorious pines that edge the rocky shorelines in northern Ontario. So, I have been playing with trees right now; I suppose I should say I am trying to capture “essences” and emotions, since realism is not my forte. That feeling when one gets while sitting in a forest of old growth pines, where you can see the sky….the warm feeling of the old maple where I am sure generations of little ones have attempted to climb to the highest branches…their connection between air and earth and the human soul…anyhow, I have two in progress…still trying to get it just right, or right enough…and for some reason an iceberg lept onto my page, maybe to remind me of global warming and how if we do not do something, we may indeed see them that far south…be patient, they are all in my soul now, so all will be completed…I hope :o)

Oil On Canvas

Oil On Canvas

The Eyes and Soul of the Forest

Oil on Canvas24 by 36
In Progress

Oil on Canvas
24 by 36
In Progress


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