Another “forest” series…

I am still playing around with my “forest” series. The Northern Series started me off in this direction and now I am just playing around with details, trying to see where I’d like to take it next. Some might find it silly, but forests and trees for me have personalities or distinct characters to them. There are the majestic foreboding forests where in the dark shadows earthly spirits seem to dwell and sigh a cautionary tale. If you ever walked a forest alone, at times it feels as if the forest is alive and watching, perhaps waiting for the human interloper to leave before resuming the mystical dance. Then there are those forest that seem almost magical, welcoming, the kind where the fairies might live, where the dappled light dances in the corners inviting one to stay and play for a while. Each forest, and each tree is unique to me and I love exploring them all. Hopefully I can get the silly picture uploader to work properly. If for whatever reason the pictures don’t show themselves, click on them and they will open up in their own page. My apologies while I try to work those details out.




Under watchful eyes the forest dances


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