The Brush Off: The review

What can I say about The Brush Off? It was a blast!

Artists started filtering in around 6 and final details were presented. The guests started pouring in, and then the fun began.

The first round was “open”, meaning the artists could paint whatever they wanted. In that round we were split up into two groups. Thank goodness I was in the first group, because at that point, I don’t think my nerves would have liked waiting the 30 minutes for the first group to finish. To get an idea of what we were doing, the artists were set up in clusters of 3 around the main floor. Guests could walk around from group to group, checking out how the artists were progressing. So, you have a spotlight from above, music pumping, guests chatting with each other, lots of movement around you and just a general crazy, intense energy in the room. At one point, it got so squishy with people that I leaned back on my stool to stretch out a sec and was leaning on one of the guests lol. My painting in this round took second place and I made the cut to the next round.

Rounds 2 and 3 were thematic…2 was “light” and 3 was “dark”. Again, the off the charts energy and just overall excitement took over and the artists were off. I didn’t make it to the “final 3” open round, but am damned proud for getting up to that point. All of the works were auctioned off immediately after completion to raise money for the Museum and am sure the party went on long after this tired artist drove home to bed.

All I can say is that if you have never been to this event, GO! Take a good look at the art that the artists bring with them to display. Some artists due to their techniques, might not be producing their best works in this medium and under such time constraints, and if you look at the “mini-gallery” you will see some absolutely stunning pieces of art work. I honestly wish I had more time to just sit and take in their talents as each and every one of the artists their were just phenomenal. It was fun; it was a party…it was damn good art!

So, given that I don’t work in acrylic (and yes, they drove me nuts and I had to limit my technique somewhat lol), given the stress, nerves leading up to the show, the fact that you really are putting yourself in a vulnerable place painting live AND having people standing around behind you talking, commenting on your work and voting (not necessarily great for the artist ego), would I do it again? In a heartbeat. It was well run, oodles of talent, pushed my limits, made me think, and with my old and new fans cheering me on and supporting me, it was a fabulous evening. Pics hopefully coming soon.


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