A bit of a challenge

A colleague of mine, while discussing some of my forest series, happened to inquire as to whether or not I would ever paint more “fall-like” colours-as in reds, golds, oranges. I must admit I have a fascination with, love of blues and greens which often translates into what I do. My forest series definitely reflects that, being mostly composed of those colours with the odd patch of yellow or red.

I thought on it, and the more I did, the more I realized that it would mean more than just a simple shift of colour palette. The trees and shapes I normally work with would have to be rethought as my version of “pine trees” do not normally change into those vibrant hues. Then too, there is the landscape and the overall vibe or mood.

Interesting. Very interesting. Somewhat frustrating. But it’s good to keep stretching, no?


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