To the North I say…

Inspiration is a wonderful thing sometimes (when it comes and I am not brain blocked and frustrated). The sources, however illusive at times, are endless.

A high school friend of mine who ended up in the Yukon sometimes posts phenomenal photos. Last time, she posted some which lead to my northern lights duo.

This time, I happened to catch a glimpse of a photo taken by a friend of hers which hit me like a gut shot. There was something about the natural lines that kicked me in the pants and inspired me to try something just a tad different in subject matter. There are some things, some moments in nature I don’t touch with a brush; they are just too perfect to capture on canvas and you just want to savour them, respect them for the awe dropping gift they are.

Knowing that I could never reproduce the actual scene, I did what I normally do, I used it as a jump off point, let my own mind wander the way it does and took it to somewhere entirely different. The sketching process itself produced an outline similar to the original image, but as always, once the paint hit the canvas, the piece took on a life of its own. I have to thank Mike Thomas, Yukon photographer extraordinaire for taking the original shot as it has pushed me in a direction I wasn’t planning on going, and possibly a new series is born. You can check out some of Mike’s work on his WordPress blog as the images are truly breathtaking.


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