The Fallen

While perusing images from around the world looking for subjects to inspire to paintings, new series, I came across another that struck a chord.

The landscape was breathtaking-brilliant blue sky, large white fluffy clouds and a rough, northern land. Most impactful was, reaching out to the sky, almost like human hands in a beseeching, prayer-like thrust, a harsh contrast against the purity and magnificence of that sky were the large antlers of a moose, freshly killed, its hunter grinning maniacally, holding the trophy rack in boastful human pride. The luminescence of those large moose eyes, the image of the antlers against the sky resonated within, and another painting was born, albeit without the blue sky, lying in quiet. peaceful repose in the bosom of Mother Nature’s spirit, the forest singing its requiem.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the issues surrounding hunting. Unless one is a total vegetarian, the meat comes from somewhere. I have the utmost respect for those hunters, especially our first nations people who hold to old custom, where the animal is killed out necessity, treated with respect and dignity and all parts of the animal are put to use. This display of human egotism is something of an entirely different nature, and I find it repugnant to see how such a beautiful magnificent creature is used as a trophy and photo op for some endorphin chasing thrill seeker.


The Fallen Oil on Canvas

The Fallen
Oil on Canvas


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