More “Canadiana”…

I just added two more photos to the Canadiana gallery.

“Into the Woods” is a commissioned piece and is already sold.

Into The Woods

” The Climb” is a result of someone’s request/dare to see what I could do with a powerful mountain range “without all the swirly bits at the bottom” (meaning, I believe the grassy sub-slopes on the under ranges). This is my response, and there’s a bit of cheeky underplay, a commentary on life, our relationship with the natural world and challenges in general-if, you can find it! For those of you who were curious as to what the painting that I started while chatting with visitors at Elora’s Art in the Yard looks like, this is the end result. Good luck finding “things” and enjoy.

The Climb


Ahhh technology…

So says the artist as she tries to figure out a better, more user friendly way to put the art out there. After some suggestions from viewers, I’ve tried to make this just a tad easier for someone to try and find specific pieces, themes, etc. The “galleries” have been revamped a bit. I tried as much as possible to group them by series, or failing that, style. Let me know if this works better!

On another note, I am still taking a few more commissions. After the Art in the Yard show, I have had requests for variations of what I am dubbing my “Canadiana” series-the landscapes, endangered species and all the rest. I still have room for a few more, however keep in mind, that all of these are completed using oil paint. Oil paint naturally takes some time to dry, so while you might want your piece tomorrow, it’s gonna take a wee bit longer before I can let you take it home and put it on your wall.

Before I Die-Life Cycle

Before I Die-Life Cycle

Under Her Watchful Eye

Under Her Watchful Eye