A New Series…of sorts

I blame it on the moose. No, really, I do. People sometimes have a hard time following where my art is going, where is the “natural progression” that shows “growth”. I suppose I can understand that if you are used to looking at an artist who paints series after series in the same style, you could consider them “developing” their “art” as opposed to someone like my who skips and hops back and forth from series, to style, then back again. The problem is, that is just the way my brain works creatively. I suppose I could, if someone pinned me down and forced me to, paint the same things over and over and over again, thereby definitively creating a box me in, write it up in a sentence statement “style”, but why, other than to facilitate those who feel the need to define me, would I want to if that isn’t who I am or how I work?

Anyhow, back to the moose…and I blame this latest diversion on it. I liked the moose even though it’s not complete, so I thought of playing with elements of that style, combined with my style just to see what direction it would take me. These are by no means done yet. With the holidays upon us, crazy kids, baking and all the rest, I will need time to finish them, but it will give you an indication of the latest direction my work is taking.

Soul Walker

Soul Walker

Turtle Bay


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