Having been blessed living life in various regions of beautiful Ontario, my art work reflects my interest in the natural, metaphysical, spiritual and mystical worlds. Driven to create, painting is my favourite forum for artistic endeavours. An avid observer who gleans inspiration from the tiniest fragment of birch bark to the larger questions of emotions, psyche and philosophy, I am passionate about oil paints, palette knives, colour, texture and listening to the intuitive spirit from within which drives each piece. As an educator and artist, working with students, live painting and exploring different mediums keeps me pushing and stretching into new creative realms. Currently residing in Branchton, I have been exhibiting and live painting in Ontario, and am collected in Canada, the US and UK.


Why I Love To “Squish” Paint

In truth, this is why I am passionate about oil paints. I love their flow, their textures and the fantastical range of colours that I can produce whether using brushes, palette knives or other. Painting or the creative process for me is something that comes from the soul through the filter of an ADHD mind.

To explain why I create, is like explaining why I breathe. My process stems from having a hyper alert mind which absorbs anything and everything-sounds, smells, textures, images, colours, emotions. When I first began painting I wasn’t aware that there was a strong subconscious dialogue between brain and canvas happening. I later realized, that my process hinges on sifting through those often seemingly random, chaotic influences and ideas, and like the tumblers on a lock, certain combinations of factors will set them all into place and the concept is born. Sometimes, when I am not paying attention to the tumblers or the inner dialogue, the subconscious desire for a story to be told takes over the process and then the intuitive spirit falls into play. At those times, some of my strongest most captivating works are born, and it is those I call “intuitive spirit” paintings, or soul art.

By playing with the contrasts between lines, fluidity, powerful colours and sometimes textures, I find that movement reveals an inherent symbiotic relationship between the self, the psyche and the world around us. Like life and the world around us, lines, colours and textures create movement and are metaphors of connection, direction, and powerful emotions.

My paintings both isolate and highlight the movements of the subjects, and in doing so reveal the synergetic exchange between movement and the psyche. By applying abstraction, I try to increase the dynamic between audience and artist through different interpretations.

My work demonstrates how life extends beyond its own subjective limits and often tells a more universal story. It challenges the binaries we continually construct between self and Other, Conscious and Subconscious, Material and Natural worlds. The works are never literal interpretations, leaving the viewer to engage on their own level using their personal narratives as their guides. I am constantly exploring, new materials, new ideas, new concepts, but there is just something about those oils that keep me coming back home to them, like an old friend or love, to reconnect and reimagine.


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