More energies…

I finished ( at least I think I did lol) the latest large painting. A mass of energy directed onto the canvas, this one is what it is and the responses to it have been interesting and diverse, which is what all art should evoke. At 40 by 60, with the bold colours and movement, it is not for the weak of heart, or for those who favour more subdued colours or scenes, but I love it…I think…unless I work on it more. Unfortunately, it has been difficult to get a photo that captures the essence of it live as the light tends to play with the layering of glazes and changes the colours and the details.

untitled-View 1 oil on canvas 40/60 knives

untitled-View 1
oil on canvas

Untitled-View 2 Different light Oil on canvas 40/60 Knives

Untitled-View 2
Different light
Oil on canvas

And something that harkens back to the series I have been playing with. This one shows the complimentary yet conflicting energies that sometimes we deal with in our souls.

Energies Oil on Canvas Knives

Oil on Canvas


It’s Back…The Museum “The Brush Off” 2015

Once again, The Museum in KW is hosting their annual fundraising, live art at its best painting competition.

On January 24, 26 artists will be competing live, in  four 30 minute, heart pounding, creative testing, eye dazzling rounds. With a live DJ, music pumping, voting fast and furious, original pieces of art immediately going up for auction, I am sure it will once again prove to be a phenomenal event. The caliber and range of artists to delight the sense is outstanding so everyone should find something to bid on and someone to cheer for. So looking forward to being there again! Tickets are on sale now, and they sell out every year, so advance tickets sales are a wise choice. Cash bar. See you on the 24th…now just to decide what/how to paint!

Check out the info below, or go to their web site to buy tickets

The Brush Off | THEMUSEUM// // // //

1 night.
26 artists.
4 rounds.
38 original works.
January 24th 2015

Doors open at 6:30pm, competition begins at 7pm. Admission to Unwrapping Egypt is included in ticket price.


20 artists will compete in 4 rounds of a friendly live-painting competition. Your votes determine who advances each round and eventually wins The Brush Off.


38 original works of art will be produced during the night. Bid on your favourite painting at this fundraiser for THEMUSEUM and bring home a piece of the night.


Revel in the creativity displayed by the artists and maybe even dance to the tunes being blasted over the speakers.

love art

20 artists creating 38 original works and mingling with the local art scene – you’ll be tempted to pick up some paint, a brush, and some canvas on the way home!


$15 per ticket plus tax.
Cash Bar

– See more at:

The latest in the new series…

Apparently, when most people are sleeping, I am up at 3 am. And like anyone else, I did what any other good little artist would do when sleep is evasive…I finished off another painting. Still playing around with different aboriginal influences, this one has a lot more details. Maybe lack of sleep. Maybe whole new direction. Still needs some finishing touch ups due to caffeine induced shaky hand lol. Will see what the moose ends up looking like after I get a nap or two in.


New Year Sale!

Once again, with the new year, comes new things. However, in order to make room for new things, new styles, new fun, i need to downsize some of the pieces currently taking up residence in my limited studio space.

All works not currently associated with a gallery are on sale up to 40% off. If there is a piece that you have been eyeing up, send me a message with the title, and I will send you details regarding prices. Please note that prices do not include shipping. Pieces can be shipped on the stretcher bars, or I have successfully shipped different pieces around the world by taking them off the stretcher frame, rolling and sending. That would mean, however, that you would have to get them re-stretched, or framed accordingly. Please also check for import fees depending on your country.

Opening Doors…so to speak

Sometimes, ideas just pop into my head, seemingly from out of the blue. I have the privilege of working with high school students and they continue to be a source of inspiration for me. One of my projects has been running school art battles. Individual artists will compete, creating works within a specified time frame, using specific materials and themes…for our year closing, or in this case, year opening battles, we’ve put together team battles. This year’s inaugural battle saw 11 teams of over 70 staff and student combos battling it out and it was magnificent!

So, this idea, you say…well, it was to use doors as the canvas. The theme was “gateways”. Each team was provided with an actual door and they had to produce a finished piece in 30 minutes. Luckily, we are blessed with some amazing local businesses who are more than willing to help out. In this case, Artefacts in St Jacob’s (an architectural salvage business) donated a number of doors to this project, thereby allowing us to accommodate all the people who wanted to participate.

In the case of my “team”, we decided to blend the inside with the out, and used actual stones, both painted colours and natural to create our gateways. A play on gateways/pathways, actual paths…well, you get it. Although we did not finish our door within the time frame (a bit challenging with two team members out of four running the gauntlet of technical difficulties keeping things progressing smoothly for the battle), we did make considerable progress and plan on completing the door in the upcoming weeks. I will post pics of the finished door. I guess my point is-think outside the box. Let nature and unusual things be your canvas and palette. Don’t be afraid to try new things and most of all…have FUN!


Setting up our "colours"

Setting up our “colours”


The canvas

The canvas


Phase 1 Design

Phase 1 Design


Phase 2

Phase 2


Phase 2 another view

Phase 2 another view

A jaunt down this lane and that…

And then some! None of the following works are done by any stretch of the imagination, but it would appear between my own mind’s direction and the desires of others, this is what I will be working on for the next while. Will be interesting to see where the mind goes next, no?

Whispers Not Completed oil on canvas 36 by 36

Not Completed
oil on canvas
36 by 36


Poppies Stage 2-not completed Oil on Canvas 48 by 48

Poppies Stage 2-not completed
Oil on Canvas
48 by 48


Coastline-not completed Oil on Canvas

Coastline-not completed
Oil on Canvas

Off to the Fall Show it Goes

“Compartmentalizing” is heading to the fall group show at the fabulous TAG Art Gallery in St Catherine’s. If you are ever in the Niagara area, I highly recommend that you pop in on your way through. Located in a quaint redesigned older building that still retains its architectural charm from yesteryear, Tom Goldspink has put together an intriguing and diverse collection of fabulous artists, not to mention the collection of historical prints. If you do get to go, the effusively warm and knowledgable Frank will guide you through the gallery, his passion and acumen for art clearly evident as you tour room after room of beautiful pieces in such a lovely range of styles and sizes, that you are sure to fall in love with one of them. Put some art and wine tours on your fall calendar…a perfectly scrumptious way to ease yourself from summer into the crisp notes of fall.