It Was A Battle!

Once again, the folks at The Museum in KW put on a great event! 26 artists competed in live round painting competition with each artist having 30 minutes to complete a piece. Once done, spectators got to vote on their faves and then bid on pieces to take home. All proceeds go to the artist and The Museum.

Competition was fierce and the crowd truly seemed to enjoy it. At max capacity, over 600 people came to feast their eyes on what the artists came up with. The end products were definitely diverse, with artists using a phenomenal range of techniques and styles.

It’s an interesting process. I got half way through this one, had the water completed, mostly through the forest part and hated the way the colours looked. Checked the clock and with 17 minutes left, took a deep breath and scrapped the whole upper half of the painting. Had to answer a few spectator questions regarding whether or not that was intentionally part of my “process”, and some preferred the forest over the snow capped mountains, but it is what it is and how I felt at the time ūüôā

Kudos to The Museum for arranging the event, the artists for participating and all the fans who come out to support the artists and the arts!

A few pics to give you an idea of what we were doing…

Something is happening

Something is happening

Second phase-knife work

Second phase-knife work

Add the forest

Add the forest

Scrap the forest, add some mountains

Scrap the forest, add some mountains

15 minutes left concentration

15 minutes left concentration







The Ice Mountains and Ice Flows

The Ice Mountains and Ice Flows


It’s Back…The Museum “The Brush Off” 2015

Once again, The Museum in KW is hosting their annual fundraising, live art at its best painting competition.

On January 24, 26 artists will be competing live, in ¬†four 30 minute, heart pounding, creative testing, eye dazzling rounds. With a live DJ, music pumping, voting fast and furious, original pieces of art immediately going up for auction, I am sure it will once again prove to be a phenomenal event. The caliber and range of artists to delight the sense is outstanding so everyone should find something to bid on and someone to cheer for. So looking forward to being there again! Tickets are on sale now, and they sell out every year, so advance tickets sales are a wise choice. Cash bar. See you on the 24th…now just to decide what/how to paint!

Check out the info below, or go to their web site to buy tickets

The Brush Off | THEMUSEUM// // // //

1 night.
26 artists.
4 rounds.
38 original works.
January 24th 2015

Doors open at 6:30pm, competition begins at 7pm. Admission to Unwrapping Egypt is included in ticket price.


20 artists will compete in 4 rounds of a friendly live-painting competition. Your votes determine who advances each round and eventually wins The Brush Off.


38 original works of art will be produced during the night. Bid on your favourite painting at this fundraiser for THEMUSEUM and bring home a piece of the night.


Revel in the creativity displayed by the artists and maybe even dance to the tunes being blasted over the speakers.

love art

20 artists creating 38 original works and mingling with the local art scene – you’ll be tempted to pick up some paint, a brush, and some canvas on the way home!


$15 per ticket plus tax.
Cash Bar

– See more at:

Off to the Fall Show it Goes

“Compartmentalizing” is heading to the fall group show at the fabulous TAG Art Gallery in St Catherine’s. If you are ever in the Niagara area, I highly recommend that you pop in on your way through. Located¬†in a quaint redesigned older building that still retains its architectural charm from yesteryear, Tom Goldspink¬†has put together an intriguing¬†and diverse collection of fabulous artists, not to mention the collection of historical prints. If you do get to go, the effusively warm and knowledgable Frank will guide you through the gallery, his passion and acumen¬†for art clearly evident as you tour room after room of beautiful pieces in such a lovely range of styles and sizes, that you are sure to fall in love with one of them. Put some art and wine tours on your fall calendar…a perfectly scrumptious¬†way to ease yourself from summer into the crisp notes of fall.

Upcoming: Intuitive Expressions Artistic Workshop

That’s right, everyone gets to come together and play with intuitive expression.

I’m offering this workshop Saturday, July 12 from 10:30-3:30. Lunch will be included. Spaces will be limited¬†so any interested parties should contact me soon to reserve a spot. As we will be spending the day outside, an alternative rain date will be provided.

The whole day will be spent in a lovely outdoor setting in Branchton, Ontario, ideal for inspiring the creative spirit. The purpose of the workshop is to break creative boundaries, to learn how to listen to your intuitive spirit, to learn how to be playful with your artistic adventures again, and most of all to have fun. There are no rights or wrongs-it will be what it will be, and the idea is to let go and flow on the journey of self expression.

It will be up to you to choose your materials to play with. Large or small canvases? One canvas or multiple? Paper? Collage? Acrylic, oils, side walk chalk?

I would suggest that you choose something that will allow you to really blow the boundaries out of the water-try some free form body tracing and painting-use large brushes, rollers, knives. Squish, splatter, layer, texturize¬†and blend to your heart’s content. And if you get stuck, break the creative head block by jumping in the pool and floating for a bit ūüôā

More details will be forthcoming including fee, registration form and materials suggestions.

Namaste and come and play!


Intuitive expressions workshop


Studio Downsizing Sale!

Right now, I am in the midst of reorganizing my studio. I am in the midst or putting together some inspiring outdoor venue painting workshops for this summer where everyone can be¬†inspired and play without boundaries. Since I’ve decided to bring in some huge canvases to play with new ideas and techniques, that means making some room. For a limited time, any piece not currently¬†associated with a gallery will be offered at a “downsizing” price. Shipping and handling fees are extra. Scroll through your favourites, and send me an email when you’ve chosen the ones you would like. First come-first served. No holds please. Have fun! Annie

The Brush Off 2014 !




It’s back! On January 25, at KW’s THE MUSEUM, join 20 artists, about 4 or 5 hundred guests for an exhilarating evening of live art. You vote for your favourites after every round, and each piece of art is up for auction immediately after each round. It’s a fun evening with amazing art and electrifying energy. Get your tickets soon as this event has sold out every year!

Brush Off 2014 Poster