More energies…

I finished ( at least I think I did lol) the latest large painting. A mass of energy directed onto the canvas, this one is what it is and the responses to it have been interesting and diverse, which is what all art should evoke. At 40 by 60, with the bold colours and movement, it is not for the weak of heart, or for those who favour more subdued colours or scenes, but I love it…I think…unless I work on it more. Unfortunately, it has been difficult to get a photo that captures the essence of it live as the light tends to play with the layering of glazes and changes the colours and the details.

untitled-View 1 oil on canvas 40/60 knives

untitled-View 1
oil on canvas

Untitled-View 2 Different light Oil on canvas 40/60 Knives

Untitled-View 2
Different light
Oil on canvas

And something that harkens back to the series I have been playing with. This one shows the complimentary yet conflicting energies that sometimes we deal with in our souls.

Energies Oil on Canvas Knives

Oil on Canvas


Have you ever?

There are so many things that I would like to capture on canvas-so many things I would like to try.

Have you ever wanted to paint a full wall? Take a blank slate and just cover it in colour? A huge canvas and just set yourself free and smoosh, and splatter? What about taking the canvas and becoming the implement that paints, use your hands, your feet, your whole body to immerse yourself in the process so that you and the canvas become one.

Have you ever wanted to paint the smell of spring rain? The sound of the loons on the lake as it stills and reflects during the magic hour? The smell of the wood smoke from the sauna-the anticipation of relaxation before the plunge into the chill water that refreshed and rejuvenated the soul? The hush in the forest in winter when giant snowflakes drifting delicately to the ground is the only sound you will hear? The sound of a child’s laughter-the full belly kind that is pure unabashed joy? The feeling you get when you play with little baby toes and fingers? That kiss at the moment where things click and you melt? The warmth of a hug where all you need is the strength of the arms around you? The taste of tears? That deep satisfying moment where you are sitting with someone and not saying a word, and everything is good in the world?

Oh the things left to try.

A change of direction

Introspective  A change of direction-a bit of the past with a twist or two. Sometimes introspection and reflection brings out the most interesting things. A blend of palette knives and brush. I was going to take it another step further and create an effect like my Family Tree, but there’s something about the movement and colours that’s giving me pause…so, for now I might just enjoy it as it is.

To the North I say…

Inspiration is a wonderful thing sometimes (when it comes and I am not brain blocked and frustrated). The sources, however illusive at times, are endless.

A high school friend of mine who ended up in the Yukon sometimes posts phenomenal photos. Last time, she posted some which lead to my northern lights duo.

This time, I happened to catch a glimpse of a photo taken by a friend of hers which hit me like a gut shot. There was something about the natural lines that kicked me in the pants and inspired me to try something just a tad different in subject matter. There are some things, some moments in nature I don’t touch with a brush; they are just too perfect to capture on canvas and you just want to savour them, respect them for the awe dropping gift they are.

Knowing that I could never reproduce the actual scene, I did what I normally do, I used it as a jump off point, let my own mind wander the way it does and took it to somewhere entirely different. The sketching process itself produced an outline similar to the original image, but as always, once the paint hit the canvas, the piece took on a life of its own. I have to thank Mike Thomas, Yukon photographer extraordinaire for taking the original shot as it has pushed me in a direction I wasn’t planning on going, and possibly a new series is born. You can check out some of Mike’s work on his WordPress blog as the images are truly breathtaking.

Another “forest” series…

I am still playing around with my “forest” series. The Northern Series started me off in this direction and now I am just playing around with details, trying to see where I’d like to take it next. Some might find it silly, but forests and trees for me have personalities or distinct characters to them. There are the majestic foreboding forests where in the dark shadows earthly spirits seem to dwell and sigh a cautionary tale. If you ever walked a forest alone, at times it feels as if the forest is alive and watching, perhaps waiting for the human interloper to leave before resuming the mystical dance. Then there are those forest that seem almost magical, welcoming, the kind where the fairies might live, where the dappled light dances in the corners inviting one to stay and play for a while. Each forest, and each tree is unique to me and I love exploring them all. Hopefully I can get the silly picture uploader to work properly. If for whatever reason the pictures don’t show themselves, click on them and they will open up in their own page. My apologies while I try to work those details out.




Under watchful eyes the forest dances

Little dancing feet!

While pondering my rut, I went over all the things that I would like to paint…laughter, love etc etc…and somehow while standing at the kitchen moving my feet ala a ballet wannabe…why not paint dancing feet…or rather have the dancing feet do the painting…and then, make it the dancing feet of small children! All those teeny tiny toes, splashing and stomping and twirling on colours…now where to find a giant canvas to accomplish this on, how to tack it down so that it doesn’t slip slide with the kiddes…and I guess as much as I would love oil, acrylic would be the way to go here…now whether to let one dancer’s colour dry before doing the next…hmmmm…more and more possibilities…