Boxes, walls, and a whole other direction

I had a visitor browse through my studio the other day and they commented on how they find it intriguing that I am continually switching things up. There was a figurative work in pastel tones, behind which was a palette knives birch landscape. And sitting on my easel, still not completed was “this” I had just spent the past couple of days purging, cleaning and organizing and had boxes and walls dancing in my mind. A different style of abstract from my usual more fluid shapes, this one is far more linear. It’s still not completed and we shall have to see where it ends up. The one below  goes to show the power of mood and mind-a totally different colour scheme, vibe and technique…still unfinished but not forgotten.


"Compartmentalizing" Oil on Canvas Palette knives Not finished

Oil on Canvas
Palette knives
Not finished



Untitled Oil on canvas knives and brush not finished

Oil on canvas
knives and brush
not finished




Upcoming: Intuitive Expressions Artistic Workshop

That’s right, everyone gets to come together and play with intuitive expression.

I’m offering this workshop Saturday, July 12 from 10:30-3:30. Lunch will be included. Spaces will be limited so any interested parties should contact me soon to reserve a spot. As we will be spending the day outside, an alternative rain date will be provided.

The whole day will be spent in a lovely outdoor setting in Branchton, Ontario, ideal for inspiring the creative spirit. The purpose of the workshop is to break creative boundaries, to learn how to listen to your intuitive spirit, to learn how to be playful with your artistic adventures again, and most of all to have fun. There are no rights or wrongs-it will be what it will be, and the idea is to let go and flow on the journey of self expression.

It will be up to you to choose your materials to play with. Large or small canvases? One canvas or multiple? Paper? Collage? Acrylic, oils, side walk chalk?

I would suggest that you choose something that will allow you to really blow the boundaries out of the water-try some free form body tracing and painting-use large brushes, rollers, knives. Squish, splatter, layer, texturize and blend to your heart’s content. And if you get stuck, break the creative head block by jumping in the pool and floating for a bit 🙂

More details will be forthcoming including fee, registration form and materials suggestions.

Namaste and come and play!


Intuitive expressions workshop


And back to the forest, snow and texture

January on the pond

“January On The Pond” goes back to a similar styled painting from the past, but with a twist. This time I chose to texturize the trees using my knives, leaving only the sky and water brushed out. It’s 24 by 48, oil on canvas, and I think I may play around with this in a series of textured trees or sorts.

On the road to big, bold, beautiful colours

The Eternal Goddess Within 36 by 48 Oil on gallery canvas

36 by 48
Oil on gallery canvas


Apparently this is the path that I am meant to work for the next bit. Large, bold, colourful creations with fluidity and powerful movement. Enjoy.

A change of direction

Introspective  A change of direction-a bit of the past with a twist or two. Sometimes introspection and reflection brings out the most interesting things. A blend of palette knives and brush. I was going to take it another step further and create an effect like my Family Tree, but there’s something about the movement and colours that’s giving me pause…so, for now I might just enjoy it as it is.

Live Your Life in Colour 2014 Sale

New ideas, new colours, new works and it’s time to refresh. For a limited time, selected works will be offered at a reduced price. Gallery credited works are not included in the promotion. Please send a message to inquire about your favourite work and starting living your life in colour this year. Regards and best wishes in the new year! Annie

Happy New Year SALE

More “Canadiana”…

I just added two more photos to the Canadiana gallery.

“Into the Woods” is a commissioned piece and is already sold.

Into The Woods

” The Climb” is a result of someone’s request/dare to see what I could do with a powerful mountain range “without all the swirly bits at the bottom” (meaning, I believe the grassy sub-slopes on the under ranges). This is my response, and there’s a bit of cheeky underplay, a commentary on life, our relationship with the natural world and challenges in general-if, you can find it! For those of you who were curious as to what the painting that I started while chatting with visitors at Elora’s Art in the Yard looks like, this is the end result. Good luck finding “things” and enjoy.

The Climb