Do Over….

Every artist has them-those works that never quite make it to where you want them to go. you look at them, and look at them, and hmm. Nope. That is when gesso comes in handy. Although, when you’ve done something textured, you have to be prepared to deal with the impression of the under painting coming through. Sometimes, it works. Other times, not so much. In this case, I kind of like the textured surface from the old work coming through to the new one as it adds another dimension to it. Not my fave medium, as anyone who has been following this journey knows, in this case, the acrylics came in handy.

Poppy Acrylic on Canvas

Acrylic on Canvas


New Year Sale!

Once again, with the new year, comes new things. However, in order to make room for new things, new styles, new fun, i need to downsize some of the pieces currently taking up residence in my limited studio space.

All works not currently associated with a gallery are on sale up to 40% off. If there is a piece that you have been eyeing up, send me a message with the title, and I will send you details regarding prices. Please note that prices do not include shipping. Pieces can be shipped on the stretcher bars, or I have successfully shipped different pieces around the world by taking them off the stretcher frame, rolling and sending. That would mean, however, that you would have to get them re-stretched, or framed accordingly. Please also check for import fees depending on your country.

Opening Doors…so to speak

Sometimes, ideas just pop into my head, seemingly from out of the blue. I have the privilege of working with high school students and they continue to be a source of inspiration for me. One of my projects has been running school art battles. Individual artists will compete, creating works within a specified time frame, using specific materials and themes…for our year closing, or in this case, year opening battles, we’ve put together team battles. This year’s inaugural battle saw 11 teams of over 70 staff and student combos battling it out and it was magnificent!

So, this idea, you say…well, it was to use doors as the canvas. The theme was “gateways”. Each team was provided with an actual door and they had to produce a finished piece in 30 minutes. Luckily, we are blessed with some amazing local businesses who are more than willing to help out. In this case, Artefacts in St Jacob’s (an architectural salvage business) donated a number of doors to this project, thereby allowing us to accommodate all the people who wanted to participate.

In the case of my “team”, we decided to blend the inside with the out, and used actual stones, both painted colours and natural to create our gateways. A play on gateways/pathways, actual paths…well, you get it. Although we did not finish our door within the time frame (a bit challenging with two team members out of four running the gauntlet of technical difficulties keeping things progressing smoothly for the battle), we did make considerable progress and plan on completing the door in the upcoming weeks. I will post pics of the finished door. I guess my point is-think outside the box. Let nature and unusual things be your canvas and palette. Don’t be afraid to try new things and most of all…have FUN!


Setting up our "colours"

Setting up our “colours”


The canvas

The canvas


Phase 1 Design

Phase 1 Design


Phase 2

Phase 2


Phase 2 another view

Phase 2 another view

Live Your Life in Colour 2014 Sale

New ideas, new colours, new works and it’s time to refresh. For a limited time, selected works will be offered at a reduced price. Gallery credited works are not included in the promotion. Please send a message to inquire about your favourite work and starting living your life in colour this year. Regards and best wishes in the new year! Annie

Happy New Year SALE

The latest and greatest…and experimental fun stuff

Things have been crazy busy around here lately, and unfortunately that means less time to hop on the computer and update everyone. Yes, yes, I heard the complaints about not enough pics of the news works, so, because I always listen and try to please, here they are. I hope you enjoy some of the new series! A few are on a Christmas House tour as the guest of honor and others may be slated for upcoming shows. If you are interested, please let me know as this series is going as quick as I can paint them as often as not. Enjoy! Annie.

Oil On Canvas 24 by 36

Oil On Canvas
24 by 36

Oil on Canvas 12 by 12

Just More Words
Oil on Canvas
12 by 12

Oil on Canvas 24 by 48

Deeper-almost complete
Oil on Canvas
24 by 48

Mixed Media on Board

From The Heavens
Mixed Media on Board

Oil on Canvas 24 by 36

Narrative with the Universe
Oil on Canvas
24 by 36

And we always return home…

…at least to what we are most comfortable and confident with. Today was a blast! I went “home” to my oils and totally relished in their squishy. glossy textures. Instead of painting larger canvases, I decided to shrink my perspective, or blow up details of things I normally do. And so, the lily series was born. Instead of the full landscape (which I did paint on one 12 by 12 canvas), I took snippets of the lilies and focused on them. They turned out well, and next I think I will do similar ones, just focusing on the lilies, but using different sizes and shapes of canvases so that they can be hung as a series of the same size or interesting combinations.


And for fun, here’s the pic of the mixed media I did…still not sure what is going to happen to the top half though


Mixed thoughts…

Well, I did give the mixed media thing a try. Ok, so was more acrylic with different mediums and rocks. Some of it I really enjoyed, other parts of the process not so much.

I had a really cool sketch that I had done while sitting at the Elora Art in Yard Show. A “very complicated doodle” which once seen the EMS there remarked that I “should be selling the doodles” lol. Rather than doing the lily style bottom half of the piece, I used acrylic paints with gel medium, adding little rocks/pebbles that I had collected on my kayaking journeys. Originally, I was going to use the rocks in just the gel medium to created a “landscape” across the bottom, but as it always is with me, start in one direction with one thought and as the creative process develops, something totally different comes into play. Then, I just had to try this gritty, rocky forming paste medium which of course I added some gold to (just because once again if I’m going in new direction, might as well make it TOTALLY different-ugh). Drew the sketch of “loon creature’ on the top with mica enhanced paint and voila.

So…I liked the fact that the gel reminded me of oil paints that I could use knives with-add the iridescent paint and I also got the sheen of oil. The rocky texture was cool. The rocks/pebbles themselves bugged me as their very unadorned surface contrasted just a tad too much with the rest, so rather than having this “river rock” “lake rocks” effect, it almost appears as if it’s a jewelled underwater scene. I like how the loony thing turned out, however it appears much stronger when it was only black on white paper, and I’m disappointed with its rather flat feel. Not sure if I should leave it for contrast or if I will “colour it in” so to speak….

The one thing I did miss, is that freedom I feel when using oils and canvases. Even when I am working on more detailed works such as the lilies, there is a greater sense of movement…now whether that is due to the fact that the works are so much larger we will see when I start work on a series of smaller pieces done in oil. Kudos to all you mixed media artists out there! There are so many things to play and work with, I don’t know how you decided where to start creatively!