And I found another moose at 4am…

Apparently, once again, sleep deprivation leads to interesting things. The moose, which was a sketch, and then a sketch on canvas, and then some colours here and there, came full circle at 4 am. There are still some more details and finishing touches, but it appears that this is the direction I am going in for a while yet.




The Brush Off 2014 !




It’s back! On January 25, at KW’s THE MUSEUM, join 20 artists, about 4 or 5 hundred guests for an exhilarating evening of live art. You vote for your favourites after every round, and each piece of art is up for auction immediately after each round. It’s a fun evening with amazing art and electrifying energy. Get your tickets soon as this event has sold out every year!

Brush Off 2014 Poster

Live Your Life in Colour 2014 Sale

New ideas, new colours, new works and it’s time to refresh. For a limited time, selected works will be offered at a reduced price. Gallery credited works are not included in the promotion. Please send a message to inquire about your favourite work and starting living your life in colour this year. Regards and best wishes in the new year! Annie

Happy New Year SALE

Come watch me paint live at “The Brush Off 2013” at the MUSEUM in KW

Wow! Just found out that I will be competing in The Brush Off 2013 at The MUSEUM in KW in January! It sounds like so much fun and I am so excited and can’t wait.

23 artists will get together. Each artist will receive the same materials (paints and canvases). Using our own tools, styles and techniques, we will have 30 minutes to paint a work of art. At the end of each round, guests will use their ballots to vote for their favourites. The winner from each round will move onto the next level to compete again. Immediately after each round, the creations will be put up for auction with proceeds going to help the MUSEUM.

Better brush up on my acrylic work beforehand to get a feel for them again since I’ve been pretty much using oils :o)

Get your tickets soon as the event sells out quickly! Each tickets gets you ballots to vote for your faves for each round, and there will be a cash bar, music and a brilliant, electrifying atmosphere all night!

Hope to see you there!

Dark skies abound…

From a night harbour shoreline to a stormy shoreline, for some reasons the dark colours had it today…